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Deep Tech Canada Year in Review

DTC 2023

Reflecting on an incredible year of growth and innovation! In 2023, we underwent a transformative journey, rebranding from NanoCanada to Deep Tech Canada. Here is a glimpse into our exciting milestones:

Quantum Days and the Canadian Quantum Directory

  • Quantum Days 2023
  • Canadian Quantum Directory

Quantum Days marked the beginning of an extraordinary year, with over 1000 participants joining us online from across the globe. Simultaneously, we launched the Canadian Quantum Directory – a collaborative hub connecting stakeholders in the Canadian Quantum Ecosystem.


Quantum Days SummaryCanadian Quantum Directory

Deep Tech in Health + Medical Innovation Event

Deep Tech Health Event

We held a Deep Tech in Health + Medical Innovation event held in Edmonton, Alberta. This event brought together students, academics, and industry experts to discuss deep tech's role in healthcare and the critical training required for future advancements. This event sparked insightful discussion and catalyzed a compelling call to action.

Event Summary

Canadian Engagement

Canadian Network of Scientific Platforms

Our team's recent initiatives have been instrumental in identifying and pursuing deep tech projects and opportunities for our members. Through strategic engagements across Canada, including in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Kingston, Montreal, and Waterloo, we have fostered significant partnerships and showcased the innovative capabilities of the Canadian deep tech ecosystem. 

At the Canadian Network of Scientific Platforms’ annual meeting in Montreal, our President, Marie D’Iorio, highlighted these efforts. Her presentation on “Building the Canadian Deep Tech Ecosystem” not only showcased our achievements but also opened avenues for future collaborations. 

CNSP Website

Trade Mission to Tokyo and Seoul

Nano Tech Japan 2023

Our outreach extended internationally as we brought a trade delegation to Japan and Korea, facilitating international partnerships, and supporting Canadian companies' growth in global markets.


International Activities

  • Deep Tech Days

We also participated in events to identify emerging trends and investment opportunities. Participation in Hello Tomorrow’s Deep Tech Days in Paris and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona provided insights into global deep tech developments and fostered connections with key international players. Additional travels to Japan, Singapore, and Korea were pivotal in our international strategy. An important objective for Deep Tech Canada is to identify potential partners and explore international business development opportunities for our members. These efforts also lay the groundwork for future trade missions and collaborative ventures. By engaging with key players in these regions, we established a foundation for ongoing partnerships and opened channels for our members to expand their reach and influence in the Asian market. This proactive approach is a testament to our commitment to facilitating tangible, international growth opportunities for our members and partners.


New Members

  • New Members

We welcomed many new members, expanding our network, and creating a vibrant community passionate about advancing deep tech. Tangho GreenQMIWelmind, BTQ, MaraNanotech, AQM, ISEQ, Soilgenic.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we express gratitude to our community, partners, members and supporters who made this journey possible. Here’s to pushing boundaries, breaking barriers, and pioneering innovation in 2024!

The Deep Tech Canada Team

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