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Quantum Days 2024 Summary

Tuesday, March 26, 2024
Quantum Days 2024 Calgary

Quantum Days 2024 was an extraordinary milestone for the Canadian quantum community, vividly showcasing the rapid acceleration and convergence of our priority areas in quantum science and technology. As President of Deep Tech Canada, I am thrilled to witness our community-led vision for the quantum landscape coming to fruition, underscored by remarkable discussions on quantum materials, sensors, error correction, benchmarking, and the integration of quantum computing into various fields. From our first 2021 online experience where we wanted to touch on all the themes of a future national quantum strategy and include industry, this year's first in-person edition highlighted how much progress has been realised through collaboration across thematics.  From engineering quantum states and entanglement for useful quantum sensors, to great leaps in error correction and mitigation for usable quantum computers, to defining performance benchmarks for quantum computers. This year, multinationals and Canadian quantum companies were keen to be part of panels to discuss scientific issues of importance to the commercialisation of their products—the conversations revolved around working together and making it happen. The sheer energy and engagement of the students participating in the conference are promising for the future of quantum in Canada. 


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