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Monday, April 17, 2023
New Members

In the past few months, we welcomed three incredible new members to our community! Our members are the heartbeat of our organization, driving our success and helping us grow. We look forward to working together to connect and empower our communities through the power of deep tech.  

Applied Quantum Materials Inc.

Applied Quantum Materials (AQM) is a global leader with over 175 customers in the design, synthesis, and manufacturing of silicon nanomaterials. They are the first company globally to commercialize bio-compatible silicon quantum dots for sensing, display materials, security, nanocomposite polymers, solar films, and biomedical applications. AQM’s new class of silicon quantum dots were developed as an alternative safe and environmentally friendly nanomaterial to address the issues of toxicity and heavy metals from other quantum dot technologies. 


Industrie des Systèmes Électroniques du Québec (ISEQ) is a Center of Excellence from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of Quebec (MEI) which brings together companies, associations, partners, collaborators, and educational establishments whose activities are related to the development and commercialization of processes and computer and electronic products. Their mission is to mobilize, structure, and animate the Quebec electronic systems industry to develop a domestic sector and expand internationally. 

Soilgenic Technologies, LLC

Soilgenic Technologies is focused on Climate Smart Technologies to transform agriculture to a low carbon industry, while making nutrients more efficient to improve the production of food. Soilgenic is committed to helping the world grow sustainably with technologies to reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and environmental impact. 

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