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New Members June 2023

Monday, June 12, 2023
New Members

We are thrilled to announce that Deep Tech Canada has recently welcomed three fantastic new members. We are delighted to have them on board and are excited about the valuable contributions they will bring to our organization.  

Welmind Health Care Solutions offers direct access to hundreds and thousands of counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists with its AI-supported web-based integrated Behavioral Health-Tech platform with a wide array of Mental/ Behavioral healthcare tools, products and services. 

BTQ addresses the urgent threat that a large-scale universal quantum computer poses to digital security. They strive to make PQC accessible to digital ecosystems and provide scalable security options for their customers. 

Marananotech Korea, Inc. utilizes various academic knowledge and approaches such as nano-bio, chemistry, materials science and molecular engineering to develop diagnostic platforms and nanowell array (NWA) electrodes based on nano-bio sensors.  

Marananotech Korea's mission is to develop and commercialize remote medical systems (home patients, doctors, clinical laboratories, research laboratories) and environmental monitoring systems. 

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