NANOvember: Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies for Health

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 – Posted in 

It was a pleasure to partner with CMC Microsystems for our third conference discussing the importance of advanced materials and nanotechnologies for health. This event brought together industry, government, and academia from across Canada to discuss the state of the art in nanomedicine, the use of technology convergence, and the support needed to bring these technologies to the marketplace.

The conference took place in Edmonton, Alberta, and was also part of a Lab2Fab workshop held at the NRC Nanotechnology Research Centre. This event anchored on the strengths of the Edmonton high-tech community and put a spotlight on the incredible work being done here in Alberta.

Co-Hosted By
CMC MicrosystemsNanoCanada

CMC Microsystems President and CEO, Gord Harling. NanoCanada President, Marie D’Iorio