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Save the Dates – Japan and Singapore

Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Announcing our Upcoming Trade Missions to Asia 

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming trade missions to Asia. Building upon our successful track record of facilitating international collaborations and partnerships, we are gearing up to connect Canadian innovators with global opportunities in the vibrant markets of Singapore and Japan. 

Japan Singapore Save the Date

Life Science Mission 

October 3-4, 2024 Singapore 
October 7-11, 2024 Tokyo 

In October 2024, Deep Tech Canada will spearhead a dynamic life science trade mission to Singapore, followed by participation in BioJapan in Tokyo, Japan. BioJapan is the world’s oldest biotechnology exhibition and one of Asia’s largest partnering event. This initiative aims to promote cross-border collaboration and knowledge exchange in the rapidly evolving fields of biotechnology and life sciences. By bringing together industry leaders, researchers, and policymakers, Deep Tech Canada seeks to capitalize on the synergies between Canada and Asia to drive innovation and growth in the life sciences sector. 

Smart Materials Co-innovation Mission 

January 27-31, 2025 Tokyo 

We will also be returning to Nano Tech Japan in January 2025. Following the success of previous engagements, this upcoming co-innovation and trade mission will provide Canadian companies with a platform to showcase their cutting-edge nanotechnology solutions to a global audience. Nano Tech Japan serves as a premier gathering for nanotechnology professionals, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking, collaboration, and business development. 

We are thrilled to continue our efforts in facilitating international partnerships and fostering innovation in deep tech industries. The upcoming missions to Singapore and Japan present exciting prospects for Canadian companies to showcase their expertise and explore new market opportunities. 

As preparations for these trade missions are underway, Deep Tech Canada encourages interested parties to apply for funding early through programs such as CanExport and other provincial funding opportunities*. Securing financial support can help companies maximize their participation and leverage the full potential of these international engagements. 

Further details on registration and participation will be released in the coming weeks. For inquiries and updates, interested parties are encouraged to visit the Deep Tech Canada website and follow our social media channels. 

Learn more about our trade missions here 

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