2018 Annual Report

Saturday, April 27, 2019 – Posted in 

Connecting the Nanotech Community for Global Impact

When the concept of a national network in nanotechnology was implemented in March 2015, it was to address the urgent need to translate a decade of scientific and technical breakthroughs into the Canadian marketplace.

Since then, NanoCanada has focused on organising international missions to support the global competitiveness of Canadian small and medium size enterprises (SME). This has already borne fruit with tens of millions of dollars in sales, the establishment of global distribution networks and research contracts. Thanks to strong relationships with provincial offices and federal trade commissioners, NanoCanada has been able to leverage the Canadian brand for the benefit of our entrepreneurs and innovators. On the home front, NanoCanada has brought the community together through the organisation of two national conferences exploring the applications of advanced materials and nanotechnology in transport, energy, connectivity and health. All of that would not have been possible without the financial support of the National Research Council, the government of Alberta and the significant funds leveraged from Ontario and Quebec. Our next annual report will be that of a not-for-profit corporation – we hope that you will join us as a new chapter begins!

Dr. Marie D’Iorio,
NanoCanada President