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Deep Tech Canada is a community where members can collaborate, share knowledge, and drive innovation across multiple sectors. By joining Deep Tech Canada, members can take advantage of opportunities to participate in trade missions, workshops, training, and gain access to a global network of contacts, all with the goal of accelerating the commercialization of cutting-edge technologies.

Member Benefits

As a Deep Tech Canada member, you help shape the vision and direction of Canada’s innovation community.
All members have access to:

Extensive planning & logistics support for Deep Tech Canada international trade missions.

Discounted registration fees on Deep Tech Canada missions, national events, and regional workshops.

Market intelligence info and reports, updates on funding opportunities, events and more.

Dedicated organization profile on our Member’s Page.

A digital networking database of global expertise, capabilities, and facilities.

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Company Benefits

International Mission Support

Be part of the next Deep Tech Canada trade mission team. Deep Tech Canada takes care of all the planning and logistics to maximize impact and minimize cost for member organizations – from organizing itineraries, to materials translation, to pavilions, and more. This allows members to focus on expanding their distribution networks and increasing sales.

International Sales & Partnership Opportunities

Deep Tech Canada arranges business pitch opportunities, site visits, and other meetings with organizations like LG Electronics, Center for Nanointegration Duisburg-Essen, FujiFilm Open Innovation Hub, Dai Nippon Printing and more. We also leverage the networks of our international partners and there are many opportunities to meet with incoming trade delegations.

Access to Expertise

Academic and public sector members across Canada also bring their knowledge and expertise to the network, and can be engaged for product creation and improvement, to provide policy and regulatory foresighting, health and safety leadership.

National & Regional Conferences

Build relationships and create deals with great discounts on fees for members.

Academic & Post-secondary Institution Benefits

Grow Academic and Business Contacts

Academics also participate in Deep Tech Canada missions, conferences, and workshops alongside our member companies. Academic members attend at the discounted member rates. Many academics develop relationships with our member companies, including partnerships on Mitacs and NSERC funding proposals. Academics with a pre-commercial innovation can explore commercialization pathways and partners.

Public Sector Organization Benefits

Connect & Support Canadian Industry & Academics

Promote awareness of your organization to help shape the direction of deep tech development in Canada. Public sector members also participate in international missions and national or regional events as part of the Deep Tech Canada network.

Build your world-wide network of business contacts and technology expertise.

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