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We have a bold vision: to position Canada as a leader in tackling today's most pressing global challenges with a collaborative approach to cutting-edge innovation.


Our mission is to drive the development of world-class projects, facilitate Canadian SMEs entry into global markets, and provide valuable insights to shape policy in diverse sectors. As a dynamic community of innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs, we foster collaboration, encourage risk-taking, and catalyze the growth of the deep tech ecosystem in Canada. Join us in our pursuit of innovation, growth, and global leadership in emerging technologies that will address today’s most pressing challenges.


Our deep tech approach accelerates the scale-up and commercialization of disruptive technologies, spurring economic growth in Canada. We provide opportunities for Canadian innovators to bring their ideas to market quickly, resulting in the creation of new jobs as businesses expand to meet demand and tap into global markets. We prioritize training and development, equipping Canadian entrepreneurs with the skills needed to excel in specialized fields. We foster collaboration among a network of innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs, leading to a robust tech ecosystem in Canada. With strong international partnerships, we open doors to new markets and opportunities, enabling Canadian businesses to establish a global presence and drive economic impact in emerging fields such as quantum, nanotech, advanced manufacturing, biotech, cleantech, and artificial intelligence. We are committed to fostering collaboration in emerging technologies, creating jobs, and promoting Canada's reputation as a nation at the forefront of tech advancements, addressing today's greatest challenges while driving economic growth.

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We are committed to accelerating progress and building a better future through a deep tech approach to innovation. Join us in creating meaningful collisions between diverse groups to tackle global challenges and transform industries. As a Deep Tech Canada member, you help shape the vision and direction of Canada’s innovation community. Members receive discounts, market intelligence, and are promoted as key players in emerging technology.

Elevate your impact and expand your reach
Collaboration Across Sectors
Our network empowers members to find the right partners, fostering unique collaborations and spark innovative outcomes.
Influence in Technology Policy
Deep Tech Canada offers members a platform to contribute to policy discussions, ensuring your voice is heard in the creation of standards and regulations that matter.
Global Reach and Partnerships
Deepen your international connections with Deep Tech Canada's global network. We provide resources for you to forge international partnerships, enabling you to expand your reach and collaborate with top innovators worldwide.

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