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Ursulla Aho-Glele Reinhard

Committee Member

Ursulla Aho-Glele is a public health professional with nearly 10 years of combined experience in environmental microbiology and public health at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels, as well as the private sector.
Born in Cotonou (Benin), Ursulla spent her high school years in New York and obtained her Bachelor of Science in microbiology in Montreal. After working in the field of environmental microbiology, both in the private sector and at the municipal level, she obtained a Master’s in Public Health and a Master’s in Healthcare Management (International Master’s for Health Leadership) at McGill University. Since then, Ursulla worked in public health as an analyst for the government of Quebec (Health and Social Services) and the Canadian federal government (Public Health Agency of Canada, and Court Administrative Services). Driven by her passion for health policy and management, Ursulla is currently finalizing a PhD in public health at the University of Montreal– specializing in public policy – while working alongside the School of Public Health at the University of Montreal and Quebec’s Accreditation Body (CQA) to review their policies and obtain their respective accreditations.

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