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Stéphane Ruggeri

Committee Member

Stéphane Ruggeri is acting as technology and innovation advisor. Prior to this, Stéphane was a senior chemist-électrochemist, research and development specialist for 12 years, where he has developed his network of Quebec and American companies. He has also developed NRC-PARI, Mitacs research grants and tax credits for research projects with breakthrough electrochemistry technology applied to the industry.

With a master’s degree in electrochemistry acquired at the National School of Electrochemistry and Electrometallurgy of Grenoble (ENSEEG) in 1998, Stéphane received a Ph.D. in Energy and Materials in 2002 at the National Institute of Scientific Research-Energy Materials and Telecommunication (INRS-EMT). Passionate by the storage of hydrogen and nanomaterials, he will continue his post-doctoral training with Mr. Jean-Pol Dodelet on fuel cells as part of a NSERC Research Chair with General Motors, at the National Institute of Scientific Research-Energy Materials and Telecommunications (INRS-EMT). He is author and co-author of 12 peer-reviewed publications.

As a technology and innovation advisor, Stéphane develops and animates the ecosystem for the industrial and advanced materials research community. In collaboration with Deep Tech Canada, he leads a Canadian health and safety working group on nanotechnology and advanced materials, CASHINAM.

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