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Greg Goss

Committee Member

Dr. Goss has a broad program aimed at water research for improved environmental health and sustainability. With over 200 journal research papers, one book and three patents, he is a leader in the field of environmental sciences. He is a Professor in Biological Sciences, is cross-appointed to the School of Public Health and a Fellow of the National Institute of Nanotechnology. Dr. Goss works jointly with industry, governments and academia to examine the environmental issues related to water science. Research includes hydrology to examine changes in hydrological profiles in Alberta with future climate change, the toxicology of micro pollutants including nanomaterials, pharmaceuticals and personal care products, hydraulic fracturing fluid and hydrocarbon contaminated fluids, and the effects on aquatic biota. He has served on ISO 229 and recently co-written recently released OECD guidance documents on aquatic and sediment toxicological testing guidelines. He serves on the Editorial board for numerous Journals including Water, Environmental Science: Nano, and NanoImpact.

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