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Graham McKinnon


Graham McKinnon has been an active member in the Alberta nano-MEMS community for over 30 years. Prior to founding Norcada Inc. in 2003, Mr. McKinnon served as Vice President of Research at Micralyne. Mr. McKinnon has led the development of ground-breaking MEMS products (Micro-electro-mechanical systems) in several areas including microphones, optical switches, DNA sequencing, microfluidics and microscopy. Norcada continues to be a leader in the development of advanced devices for electron beam and x-ray microscopy. Mr. McKinnon received his M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta in 1987 for his work on silicon based quantum well devices. He holds eight U.S. patents and has published several technical papers relating to microfabrication, sensors, and MEMS. Mr. McKinnon has supported Canada’s nano-MEMS community by serving on numerous advisory boards and technical committees over his career.

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